Creating a pumping system on a floating platform

CMGO (COLAS CENTRE OUEST) La Peyratte Quarry (79), France

Designing and installing a pumping system on a floating platform with a 200 m3/h flow, intended to pump drainage water. The system comprised two Grundfos pumps with stainless steel and flexible pipes in the platform section, which was formed with modular, interlocking cubic modules.

Pascal Rampon, Colas Centre Ouest Deputy Minister (Materiel):
This project was carried out in close collaboration with Divatec, who provided advice on our choice of floating platform. The easily configurable platform is joined to the banks by a floating walkway, which provides safe access to the platform regardless of the water level. We are very happy with the service provided for the entire project, particularly the constructive discussions between our two companies’ staff which enabled us to achieve this project.