Field market gardening

Field market gardening

Field crops are affected by climate conditions.
For instance south-western France, Portugal and African countries must constantly contend with low rainfall by compensating with optimised irrigation.

Our field market gardening solutions are individually adjusted to suit your soil composition. Many products can be used to maintain and even optimise the output and quality of the fruits and vegetables growing in your fields. We also use irrigation systems for fruit trees (kiwifruit or apple tree irrigation, etc.). In order to provide the best configuration for your field crops, our teams consider all the characteristics of your operation.

Solutions to suit your business

  • Pumping
  • pic-filtration
  • Filtration
  • pic-fertilisation
  • Fertilisation
  • pic-traitement-eau
    Water treatment
  • Water treatment
  • pic-irrigation
  • Irrigation
  • pic-gestion-irrigation
    Irrigation management
  • Irrigation management
  • pic-gestion-clim
    Climate management
  • Climate management
  • pic-elec
  • Electricity
  • pic-materiel-piece
    Equipment and spare parts
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