injection de desinfectant


Water treatment by disinfectant injection occurs at two levels. The drained, filtered storage water is generally treated with a chlorinated solution to inhibit the growth of bacteria.



The Divabull aerator sends into the air a highly emulsified water spray, which then comes into maximum contact with the atmosphere. The oxygen in the air is thus transferred to the water. Aerators can have a mixing output of 75 to 380 m3/h while consuming very little power (180 to 1500 watts).


The UV radiation has a denaturing power on the pathogens, more precisely on their DNA. Vitalite was designed to sterilise drainage water with UV radiation in order to reuse that water for watering. It consists of a process computer, a set of low-pressure UV-c lamps and a circulation pump. It can be connected to the Synopta supervision software for decentralized control.