Gutter system cultivation is ideal for vegetable and fruit crops such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and strawberries. The gutter width can be adapted to the crop holder (bag, tray or pot) and its thickness can range from 0.6 to 0.8mm. It can be made from galvanised steel with polyurethane coating or PVC. The major advantage of this type of production is that it inhibits the spread of diseases and viruses between crops.

chariot hydraulique

Hydraulic trolleys are suitable for working at height and crop management. These trolleys are robust and durable, with several options available. The height can be adjusted between 0.5 to 6.5m, with double, triple or quadruple hydraulic scissor lifts and several lifting systems available: hydraulic, wheelbarrow or transverse. 
The 24 volt (0.37 kW) engine has a 110 amp/h traction battery. 

chariot de recolte


Harvesting trolleys move along aisles in glasshouses. They are designed to make it easier to harvest fruit and vegetables from crops on rails. Their width and length can vary and they are equipped with several features to make harvesting more efficient.



Electric tractors can be manual or automatic. They can pull up to three tonnes of fruit and vegetables, and feature a tight turning circle.

appareil de traitement



Treatment devices are fully equipped to adapt to the needs of various crops. The polyethylene tank can hold 600-1,000 litres and the engine can be electric or combustion. 

robot de traitement



Treatment robots can perform up to nine different programmes; no need to reprogramme it every time. It has a 650-watt motor that enables travel from 25 to 90m/min. It is equipped with an automatic, motorised winder, for pipe length of up to 150m. The treatment ramp features 16 diffusers (8x2 at the front of the robot), one manometer and one press filter, and is height-adjustable.