Multima XP is the most sophisticated Hortimax regulation system. It has been specially designed to regulate climate conditions, irrigation and energy consumption in the horticulture industry.



camera infrarouge


This measuring device can be combined with ambient readings to create a virtual temperature. The balance of the two temperatures (air + IR) can be fully configured and the resulting virtual temperature used for climate management. 





Pyrgeometers measure the radiation emitted by the hothouse or, more accurately, the energy losses. It is used to close the screen earlier when there is considerable energy loss. Research and experience have shown significant energy savings. 



demarrage par rayonnement


This is the total radiation expressed in J/cm², defined and configured on the computer, which automatically triggers watering. Once the watering has been triggered, the computer systematically resets to zero to start measuring radiation accumulation again. 





Prodrain continuously measures the weight of the substrate and weight of the crop separately. This system provides an accurate picture of the quantity of water contained in the substrate, the quantity of drainage and the plant status. All this information can then be used to optimise the irrigation programme management. The special programme, provided with Prodrain, also manages plant growth, crop water uptake and evaporation.