Sand filtration remains a reliable way to ensure you get good water quality. Its calibration is predetermined by assessing your initial and required water quality. Backwash can be automatic or manual.



Filtre à tamis



Strainer filters are often used as a backup for sand filtration. They can be used on their own when water quality is good, or when only coarse filtration is required.

filtre hydraucyclone



This filtration system is interesting because of its simplicity. A whirlpool is created, dragging impurities to the bottom of the tank so they can be easily drained. You need to know your outputs accurately before installing a hydrocyclone.

filtre spinklin filtomat


This principle is based on stacking discs of different grades (20µ, 55µ, 100µ, 130µ, 200µ and 400µ). The disc backwash is easy to automate and your filtration will always be effective. Our partner, Arkal, is a company that works with us to calibrate a system to best meet your needs.